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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Antelope Island State Park

A few weeks ago we checked out a state parks pass from the library. Sweet! Since most of the close state parks are good mostly for boating, we went instead out to Antelope Island. We didn't do much hiking because it was a cold day, but we did have fun driving around and seeing some of the island.
The bison were all very close to the road, so we stopped and looked at them for quite a while.

We also saw 2 coyotes

The visitor center was a fun walk. I thought the salt crystals that had accumulated on a stick were amazing.

We went out to the Garr Ranch toward the south end of the island as well. Most of it was closed, but we did get to walk around the buildings a little bit.

Nearest City: Syracuse, UT
GPS Coordinates: N ° W
Kid Friendly:
Additional Info: IT costs $9 to go to the island without the pass. With the pass, there is still the $2 causway fee.

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  1. sad we weren't able to go. sounds fun. on a side note your other blog is no longer allowing me to see it. can i get another invite pretty please so i can blogstalk your little girl?