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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Patsy's Mine

Patsy's Mine is a mine on the hillside above Farmington dug by an Irishman. I don't know much about patsy, but his mine is pretty neat. It's located southwest of Flag Rock, and takes a fair hike to get to it.
The mine goes back over 150 feet, with several side tunnels carved into the stone as well. It's a very neat little mine and has a few cave deposits in the early stages of formation on the ceiling and walls.
Unfortunately, a few low-lifes have spraypainted drug references on several spots in the tunnel passages. They certainly have a different idea on the concept of "getting high" then I do. I just wish that they'd do theirs in civilization, while I can do mine out in the beauty and fresh air of the mountains.
One really cool thing was toward the back of the tunnel, there are still portions of the mine cart rails embedded in a pile of rubble.
We got out of the mine, and the some fog had rolled in.

Nearest City: Farmington, UT
GPS Coordinates: N 40* 59.102 W 111* 52.357
Time Needed:2 hours+
Difficulty: Moderate (steep hillsides)
Kid Friendly: Somewhat (steep hillsides, wet spots inside the mine)
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