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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Cub Lake in RMNP

Saturday was spent at Rocky Mountain National Park. The leaves were starting to change, the elk were bugling, and most importantly it was free admission because of National Public Lands day or something like that. We didn't want to do anything too ambitious, so we hiked up to Cub Lake. The trail was on the light side of moderate (my rating) because my overdue wife was able to do it. I was surprised that nobody passed us on the hike in. The lake had a lot of lillypads, too many for fishing, so we ate lunch, then continued down the trail to "The Pool". The Pool was more like a wide spot on the Big Thompson River. In my opinion it's not worthy of being a destination, but sure enough, the literature the park handed out indicated it was an option. From the pool, we wandered down the trail to the parking lot. The loop was a tad over 5 miles. It took us several hours, but we just wandered along.

Cub Lake

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