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Monday, April 20, 2009


This weekend it was rainy and snowy. We had hoped to go to Utah, but cancelled the trip because of the weather. All of the roads were closed anyway so we wouldn't have been able to make it regardless. The rain & snow mixture made some AWESOME slush- it was so good, that it brought out the little kid in me. We walked to the library and I was stomping on all of the slush. I got a little bit on Ashley (only up to your knees is a little bit right?), but then she made me stop. She said we could do it on the way home.
On the way home, I did it some more. Ashley's pregnancy hormones got mad and didn't like me (aren't pregnancy hormones great?!) In fact, she made me walk clear over on the other side of the street. I apologized and said I wouldn't try to get her, but she made me walk in front. Finally when we got to the driveway she was tired of me having all of the fun. She started JUMPING on the slush and KICKING it at me too. I think there's a little kid in Ashley somewhere. So yeah-take that! I wasn't going to take it, so I kicked it back at her. Then she kicked a lot more at me. We both ended up soaked and smiling. Ashley is smart- good thing she decided not to do it until we were almost home. I like bringing out the little kid in Ashley.

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