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Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Grinter Sunflower Field

Early September, one of the Northeast Kansas traditions is the Grinter Sunflower Field.  Every year, the Grinters plant a large field of sunflowers just outside of Tonganoxie.  Every year, news outlets let people know when the field is in full bloom.  There have been advertising campaigns for Kansas that have used the field as a backdrop.  It's a big deal.  Well, at least in a Kansas sort of way.
We went out for a visit and an attempt at taking family pictures on the second weekend in September.  A few days before our visit though there was a pretty heavy rainfall, so by the time we made it out, the flowers were past their peak.  It was still worth going to see.  "Worth the price of admission" as my grandpa would say.   Visiting is free, but donations are gratefully accepted- especially if you are a commercial photographer.  Some of our friends had recommended bringing some stools or benches to stand on in order to get a better picture.  We didn't, but could see the value in bringing one.  We still had some good pictures anyway.
As you can see, the field is expansive.  Huge.  Sunflowers beyond sunflowers.  It costs the Grinters roughly $10,000 to plant and maintain it.  The field sure does bring happiness to a lot of people.  Go ahead and plan to visit next year in early September.  Bring a few bucks to donate.

Nearest City: Tonganoxie, KS
Location: Stillwell Road, south of Tonganoxie
Time Needed: 1+ hours
 Kid Friendly: yes
Additional Info: Kris Grinter's Blog

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