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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Canoe Building: Filling in Strips at the ends

My near fiasco with the lifting strips diverted my attention from my main work focus area as I pondered the options, looked for a solution, and mentally worked through what I wanted to do.  I still wanted to keep progress moving along, so I changed my area of focus to work on filling the strips further down.  The first strip sets a baseline for adding the strips as you work your way up the sides and toward closure on the bottom of the canoe.  There is also the need to add some strips below the sheer line, to contribute toward the pleasing curves and slight uplift near the ends.  I removed some cleats and added a few shorter partial strips at a time, finally finishing the stripping that needed to be done on that side of the shear line.  It's easy to do, since there's really not any twists or bends in the strips.

One small tip for this area:  Add the glue to the strip itself instead of putting it on the stem.  Wipe off any drips or excess glue, and lightly clamp it.

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