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Saturday, September 20, 2014

DIY Travel Fun Books for Kids

In the month of July I took the kids to Utah and was all over the place.  All told, when we finally arrived back home we had driven over 3,000 miles.  With a baby, 2 year old, and 4 year old I wasn't sure how they would do with all of the car time.  We don't do movies, so I thought making some activity books for them would help keep them entertained and happy.
I started with some file folders and punched three holes along the side.  Then inserted sheet protectors and tied it all together with yarn.
I got lots of fun activities and put them in the sheet protectors and got the kids some washable, dry erase markers.
They each had maps, a bingo game that was specially made to fit our itinerary, games, and coloring pages.
The 4 year old is learning to read, so she got some reading, writing, math, etc.  I just explained how to play the games before hand, but of course they came up with some fun ideas of their own.
Our two year old is doing colors, shapes, numbers, etc. So I made special pages for him.  (There are lots of pages not pictured here.)
And some coloring pages (no, I am not an artist!)

These books were definitely a hit.  The kids loved helping design and compile them.  I loved that they are easy to cater to the kids level and interests, can be educational, and most especially they kept the kids a lot happier on the car ride!
I will definitely make new ones each time we have very long road trips.  They were awesome!
If you are planning a long road trip give these easy books a try.  You probably have everything you need lying around the house, and your kids will love it!

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