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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Mogollon, New Mexico

Sometimes the unplanned adventure or detour leads to amazing places.  Mogollon was one of those unplanned treasures that we found when on our New Mexico trip.  We'd come back to visit the Catwalk Trail, but it was too late to go hiking, and after we'd set up camp we looked at the map and decided to see what was at Mogollon. 
Mogollon is an old mining town that is essentially a ghost town now.  There are a few old time residents and a few newcomers who've spent quite a bit of money fixing up some of the old miners shacks.  It's a paved road up from Glenwood to get here, but it's narrow, curvy, and quite steep in some spots.  The signs say not to drive it after dark, and it's easy to see why.  Nevertheless, it's a great place that is entirely worth visiting. 
There are lots of buildings still standing, although quite a few others have fallen down and are being reclaimed by the forest.  Here's the old General Store.
An old gas station, complete with pumps is a bit further up the canyon. 
We took the road to the cemetery to get this picture looking down on Main Street.  It's amazing how much is still here! 
We also saw numerous old mines in the area.  Some were posted, others like this one were not.  We spent less than an hour at Mogollon, but I really wish I'd had more time here.  There's lots to see, and even more if one would get out of the car. 

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