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Monday, September 17, 2012

Camping on Antelope Island

Friday I went camping with the scouts on Antelope Island.  We camped in the Whiterocks Bay Group Campground.  It was fun to get out camping, but I really wasn't impressed with the facilities. 
My biggest problem with the campground is the lack of shelter.  There is absolutely no shade or shelter in the whole campground.  I'm glad it was mid-September instead of mid-summer.  You would absolutely roast out here in the hotter months!  I also saw 3 black widow spiders in the pit toilets.  
Other then that and the occasional mosquito, we had a good time cooking dinner, visiting, and working on scout requirements.  After dark, the coyotes occasional serenaded us from afar.
Saturday morning we got up early to get an early start on the Frary Peak Trail.  We watched a beautiful sunrise from the trailhead then headed out.
Along the way we spooked several flocks of chukars, saw a herd of bighorn sheep, and had a good hike.  It's just over 3 miles to the peak. We made it 2.5 then turned around.  I wanted to press on, but turned around with the group.

Nearest City: Syracuse, UT
Location: N° W°
Time Needed:
Kid Friendly:
Additional Info: Antelope Island State Park Website

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