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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Oregon Coast Aquarium

While in Newport, we visited the Oregon Coast Aquarium.  It was fun to visit, but I thought it was a little overpriced.  But hey- we were there, so we were going! 
 The seals and sea lions were pretty active and showing off.  We watched them for a while until the crowd got too big. 
The underwater tunnels were our next stop.  I thought they were the best part of the aquarium.  Definitely cool to see the fish swimming all around and over your head.
 The third tunnel had the sharks and open water fish in it. 
One of the exhibits had some flounders in it with light sand on one side and dark sand on the other.  As the fish would swim from one side to the other, they'd settle on the bottom and change color to fit in with their new surroundings.  I took a picture of this flounder right after he swam from the dark side to the light side. 
 The seabird exhibit was fun too.  No penguins- this was a northern hemisphere exhibit! 
We liked looking at the peaceful movements of the jellyfish.  They look neat, but I don't want to tangle with one of them! 
We got to watch feeding time with the sea otters.  They sure liked eating the crabs!

Nearest City: Newport, OR
Location: 2820 Southeast Ferry Slip Road, Newport
Time Needed: 1/2 day
 Difficulty: Easy
Kid Friendly: Yes
Additional Info: Visit Aquarium.org for hours, admission, and other information.

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