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Monday, February 6, 2012

The Ogden Mystery Glyphs

It's been a while since I've posted!  The adventures have slowed down a little bit lately, but we've still found a way to get out and see a few fun things.  Mid- December we went up to find the Ogden "Mystery Glyphs". 
The mystery glyphs are in the foothils above Ogden.  Nobody seems to know who made them or why they are there.  Several theories exist, but nothing has been shown that's conclusive.  After visiting the site, I personally lean toward the thought that they are not an ancient work.  The lines just have the appearance of being recently worked, and there's not the varnish or lichen growth that would be on older rock art.   

We parked at the 24th Street Trailhead, then hiked up the hill.  After scrambling around in the rocks and boulders for quite a while, we concluded that we were too high up the mountain.  We dropped down lower and finally found the glyphs in a cluster of boulders in the midst of some oak brush.  The glyphs are on the northern boulder and face south.  We were close to giving up when we found them.  They're fun to find and intriguing to ponder about.  Legit?  Who knows! 

Nearest City: Ogden, UT
Location: N 41° 13.354 W 111° 55.617
Time Needed: 1 hour+
Difficulty: Moderate
Kid Friendly: Sure
Additional Info:


  1. Sweet! I've wanted to see those in person. Thanks for the great pictures!

  2. www.MysteryGlyphs.com

    --Whyte Eagle

  3. Those are not new. My Father who grew up on Harrison Blvd in Ogden and spent alot of his youth hiking those hills. He found them back in the 50's. He showed them to me about 1980.