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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Sheepdog Trials

On Labor Day we went to the Sheepdog Trials at Soldier Hollow, near Midway.  My father-in-law had scored some free tickets and invited us to attend.  It was pretty cool to see the sheepherders and the dogs work together to move sheep around and make them do certain things, but I kept asking myself "They make an event out of this!!?" 
We watched a few dogs do their sheepherding thing.  Each one ran about 20 minutes to get the 2 groups of sheep together, then divided up.  It really was neat watching the dogs.  There also was a little festival sort of thing with booths and exhibits set up.   We stayed for a few hours, but the kids could only take so much of it since the sheep and dogs are so far away. 
Nearest City: Midway, UT
Location: N° W°
Time Needed: Varies
Kid Friendly: Probably not due to their limited focus
Additional Info: Check out the Sheepdog Competition website.  They sure gouge you on the costs!  Tickets $12.50- $16.00 (we picked ours up for free), parking $5, event schedule book $5 (we passed).  This is one event that I was surprised that they didn't charge to use the restroom!  If you don't get there early, seats can be hard to come by too.

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