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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hike in the Uintas

Over Labor Day Weekend my sister moved into a house in Kamas.  Since the move wasn't until later in the day, we headed up the Mirror Lake Highway for some time in the woods before helping with the move. 
I wasn't feeling up to fighting crowds at all of the popular lakes and trailheads, so I went to one of my old standbys.  We started out at Trial Lake, but hit up two smaller lakes northeast of Trial. 
Our first stop was at Diamond Lake.  Diamond Lake is one of my favorite "short hike lakes" in the Uintas.  I love the view of Bald Mountain and Reid's Peak across the lake dotted with lilly pads.  Even better then that is the feeling of being away from the crowds, with less than a half mile hike.  I've only seen 2 other people here in several visits, which is quite surprising given that the Trial Lake Campground is so close.
From Diamond Lake, we hiked north to Star Lake.  Star is another beautiful lake.  I would love to come back and spend a few days at Star Lake- especially with a canoe. We hiked around the lake, threw a few rocks, and had a picnic on the bank.  Following the outlet stream down to Trial Lake sure got my fishing juices flowing.  The creek has deep undercut banks in several spots while the trout were gently finning in the current. 
Back at Trial Lake, we splashed in the water then went to look for a geocache.  I didn't find the geocache, but found something way better- wild strawberries.  The berries were about as big as a pencil eraser, so it was a bit of work picking to get anything worthwhile, but they sure were flavor packed!  We plucked a few small handfuls to enjoy. 
Nearest City: Kamas, UT
Location: N° W°
Time Needed: Varies
Difficulty: Easy- Moderate
Kid Friendly: Yes
Additional Info:

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