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Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Santa Clara River Petroglyphs

The Santa Clara Petroglphs is a unique and amazing site. The site overlooks the Santa Clara River and contains hundreds of petroglyphs on boulders running along the top of a ridge. The hike isn't too bad, but does contain some rather pointless switchbacks.

We spent at least an hour going from boulder to boulder, looking for new and "cooler" petroglyphs. Some were on top of the rocks, others were located on the sides of them.

Some of the petroglyphs were squiggly lines, others had more understandable forms of animals or people to them. These are several of our favorites:

We really liked the sheep family panel.

Nearest City: Ivins, UT
GPS Coordinates: Trailhead: N 37° 09.750 W 113° 42.373
Petroglyphs: N 37° 09.294 W 113° 42.294 and further south
Time Needed: 2+ hours
Difficulty: Easy-Moderate.
Kid Friendly: Dropoffs & a long hike.
Additional Info:

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