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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fremont Indian State Park

Driving north at the end of our vacation, we detoured to Fremont Indian State Park. It was a nice stop with lots of petroglyphs. Unfortunately for us, most of the exhibits in the museum were taken down. A fire in the area prompted staff to package them up, and they haven't put them back since they want to remodel the museum.
We did the short walk (1/4 mile) behind the museum and saw lots of petroglyphs.

East of the parking lot is a replica pit house.
We also drove down the road and hiked to "The Cave of 100 Hands".

It's not really a cave, it's more of an alcove. And there aren't 100 handprints inside, instead there are 31. They are several different colors. It's a pretty pictograph cool site and worth the time to walk to it (1/2 mile).

Nearest City: Sevier, UT
GPS Coordinates: N 38° 34.656 W 112° 20.084
Time Needed: 1+ hours
Difficulty: Easy
Kid Friendly: Yes
Additional Info: Admission $6/vehicle

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