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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Adams Canyon and the Waterfall

I'd never been to the waterfall up Adams Canyon, so we decided to make the hike and see the falls. The trail is very popular and the parking lot is often crowded with vehicles.

The trail follows the creek and is pretty scenic when people aren't around.
The creek cascades and flows rapidly as it the water hurridly seeks lower ground.
The waterfall was pretty impressive. I liked how even and symetrical it looked. You do have to wade across the creek to see the falls. If you don't want to wade, you can feel the coolness and hear the roar, but never see them.
The sun was setting as we made it out of the canyon and onto the bench before the parking lot.

Round trip time: 2 3/4 hours

Distance: about 4 miles round trip.

Difficulty: Moderate.

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