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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Pawnee Butte Weekend

Saturday we went to Pawnee Buttes. They're about 60 miles east of Fort Collins, out on the great plains. They're part of Pawnee National Grassland, and for the most part it's a desolate area. On the way out, we drove through the ghost town of Keota. It's not a real ghost town yet, but to me it seemed like there were 2 families living there, with a bunch of abandoned buildings and old foundations. There is a really cool water tower too. I wondered what it had been like at its peak.
Part of Pawnee Buttes is closed in the spring for raptor nesting. Apparently they like to nest in the cliffs and crags, but don't do so well when people are walking nearby. I didn't see any nests when we were there, but then again, we were there too early for them to be nesting.

One final thing is it's really windy out there. It's not just a breeze, it's full blown wind! There are quite a few wind vanes in the area to generate wind power. Bring a jacket and a hat that will cover your ears if you go.

Nearest City: Grover, CO or Briggsdale, CO
GPS Coordinates:
Time Needed: half a day
Difficulty: Easy-moderate
Kid Friendly: Yes
Additional Info:

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