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Friday, December 4, 2009

Midway Hot Springs Turkey Soak

UPDATE! Sorry it's taken me a month to do this, but I stopped by in early November and there were fences up with "No Trespassing" signs. As far as I know, these springs are no longer open to the public. There is still hope though, because as far as I know, the water rights are not owned by the landowner, but by other homeowners nearby.

If you learn othewise or have more information, please leave a comment.

I called the realtor, and the land sold for $5.9 million.
We've made it somewhat of a tradition to visit hot springs on holidays. There's nothing quite like a warm soak on a cool day. Thanksgiving morning we went over to the hot springs near Midway, Utah. The water today was really hot. Other times we've been, the water has stratified with the top 18 inches being hot, and the rest being warm. It was hot the whole way through on Thanksgiving. We retreated to the coolest part and enjoyed the warmth.

The best spot (normally) for a soak.

The source.

The pool.

Someone has done a lot of great work cleaning it up, placing gravel on the bottom of the pool, removing garbage, etc. If you read this, thank you!

Nearest City: Midway, UT
GPS Coordinates:
Time Needed: 30 minutes plus
Difficulty: Easy
Kid Friendly: During the day: yes. At night: no guarantees.
Additional Info:


  1. I went there for my first time a couple of weeks ago. It was cool.

  2. I stopped by there in September and was surprised at the condition of the pool. It was very clean and nice. However it was too hot to soak in even at the end of the pool where the stream leaves. Before there was a source of cold water running into the pool and this seems to have been diverted so only the hot spring water is running into the pool which made it too hot for me to soak. However when the cold water was running in it was stratified as mentioned above, but was nice to soak there if you didn't mind searching a little for getting the right temp. Maybe with the cold weather the edge of the large pool may be cool enough for a soak.

  3. It's used to have a sandbag wall to sit on and the water temperatures were much more tolerable. I think someone diverted the cold water flow.

  4. FYI, this hot spring is on property that has just been purchased by a new owner and is now gated off. Apparently the police are strictly enforcing it and you can receive a citation and a steep fine for getting caught there.

  5. My daughter was visiting freinds in Utah Jan 5, 2011 and strolled to the edge of this pool with a group of about 4 friends. There were no closed fences, nor any visible no tresspassing signs along their route into the pool, yet the Wasatch County Sherrif came in and appologetically issued 9 Criminal Tresspass citations to them,despite his acknolwedgement that people had been coming there for hundreds of years and that the signes are frequently torn down. The most rediculous thing is that before my Daughter arrived home in WV over ten offers to represent her from local attourneys arrived! ! Plus, when you talk to the Court, they declare one must appear! NOT! My daughter and her friends are going to share one atty if they actually need one for this to prevent the legal blood sucking. Apparently the court freely shares their database and personally identifyable information with the legal profession, an apparent, blatant violation of privacy if not complicity to defraud violators of their cash.

  6. Used to soak there often, wonderful clean water at 115+ (per my watch thermometer). I live within a quarter mile of the hot springs. I drive past it almost daily. Hard to imagine the many 'no trespassing' signs and fences could be missed if your eyes are open. I advise not risking the citation, which I hear are still very common.

  7. You mentioned that they were purchased in the past 3ish years. Does anyone know who purchased them?

    1. I have no idea. After driving by a time or two and seeing the fences and signs all over the place, it's been a few years since I've stopped in.

    2. I used to go there alot. It's kind of selfish to block off something that many people enjoyed, and still could enjoy.