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Monday, September 22, 2008

Riverbend Ponds

Geocaching is one thing that Ben really enjoys doing. We have found tons of pretty areas when out looking for a cache. We really enjoy it when people hide their caches in fun little spots that you would otherwise not know about. On Saturday we had a geocaching moment like that.

We had been out perusing through stores (trying on Western Wear :) ) when Ben said there were a few geocaches around. So we went out to find them. We ended up at the Riverbend Ponds, where we had actually been before, but while looking for the caches we ended up in a new area that was beautiful. We explored around for a bit, found a few geocaches, and just enjoyed being outside. We eventually ended up on the Spring Creek Trail and then the Poudre River Trail. By the time we found ourselves on the Spring Creek Trail near the last cache, it had started pouring rain... and then we sang and skipped in the rain! Even though we were soaked by the time we made it back to our car... It was a blast! Ben is so much fun to be with!

I posted a few pictures of the area below:

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  1. Man, you guys live in such a pretty area! And it sounds like so awesome that when you want guys to go camping or exploring everything is really close!