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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Fort Collins Municipal Railway

We found out that the Fort Collins Trolley was giving free rides today, so we walked up to the closest stop and waited for 3 minutes before we heard the "Clang Clang" of the bell announcing that it was coming. WOOT WOOT! We totally rode on the way cool trolley! It's over 100 years old and since being restored has had over 200,000 riders. Normal fare is $1 for adults, and we decided that it would be well worth it. It was just cool to go out for a ride! We had the trip to and from City Park to ourselves (except for our 2 conductors). We even got to ring the trolley bell- it's a foot pedal that you have to stand on. There's probably 2 miles of track. If you want to know more, let us know. If any of you come and visit us in the summer we'll totally go out for a ride.

The"dogcatcher" will swing up if the front boards are tripped- giving someone a ride on the front of the trolley.

The inside. The backs of the benches can alternate, changing the way people are facing.

Nearest City: Fort Collins, CO
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  1. How fun! I'm jealous you get to go on a train ride! How romantic!